How to Install NumberDNA on Android

Click Here To Download The App (nDNA.apk)

Note: This app will only work on Android Kitkat (4.4) and higher.

How to install this app?


  1. Download the app's APK file
  2. Your phone will probably warn you multiple times while installing that this app might be unsafe, these warnings can be safely ignored, just click through them.
  3. Open and play the app, it's name is "nDNA".

Why does my phone say this is unsafe to install or from an "unknown source"?

First of all this app is safe to install. It requires no special permissions and uploads no data about you. All of its settings and play history are stored on your phone only.

Your phone is trying to warn you that it doesn't know who made this app because it's unsigned. Signing allows your phone to know who wrote it, and is a form of protection to help keep you from accidentally installing malware onto your phone. All apps on the Android Play Store are signed for this purpose. Because I'm releasing this app just as a portfolio piece just on this website, I choose to not go through the expense of publicly listing it on Android Play and getting it signed. Because of this you have to side-load the app onto your Android phone.

Fortunately it's easy to set your android phone to allow you to side-load apps (install applications from unknown sources). You'll just need to follow this guide: How to sideload apps on Android Phones.