3D Short Animations By Colin Leet


Dragon Lighter Animation From 2016

I made this animation intending for it be an advertisement for a fictional lighter company with a dragon for its logo. The flame simulation and lighter were modeled, animated and rendered within Blender. I then motion tracked the scene within After Effects wherein I constructed the rig for the 2D Dragon, and then animated it on top of the background. It's silent.

Lego Bike Construction Animation From 2014

This is a short animation I made in Maya. I took some pre-existing 3D models of lego pieces and then arranged them into this racing speeder. Then I used a physics simulation to explode the bike into a bunch of scattered pieces (starting shot). The rest of the animation I manually animated the bricks flying back together. I made this fall 2013 using Maya and Mental Ray. I added in a moving camera and finished rendering it the following summer. It was then composited and edited in After Effects. It's silent.