High School Acting & Theater Work


Acting and Set Construction / Lighting


Acted in four plays (Scapino, Midsummer Night's Dream, Moon Over Buffalo, and Pride and Prejudice). I also perfomed technical work (set construction and painting, designed lighting, sound, filmed backdrops) for 5 other productions as well with Community Ensamble Theater.


Two of the monologue done for high school acting class are on this site:


Pride and Prejudice - Spring 2010

Pride and Prejudice Montage MrWood (Townperson)
In this play Colin started out as having two parts, Mr. Woods (center) and Mr. Gardener. It ended up being that the original actor for Mr. Collins (left & right) had to drop out three weeks before curtain; so he jumped in the roll in the last few weeks of production. Due to time constraints he eventually had to drop the part of Mr. Gardener, but he did pick up his roll as the Horse's Ass.


Moon Over Buffalo - Winter 2010

Full Stage Richard Sits
Colin Leet as Richard, an ageing lawyer with too much money and nothing to do with it, do decides to
woo an old friend and run away with her, the problem being she is one of his best friend's wife.


Midsummer Night Dream - Spring 2009

Male Fairy CU Male Fairy's Run Awat
In this play Colin played two parts, a male fairy (first two pictures), and Egeus (last picture).


Scapino - Winter 2009

Geronte Confused Geronte Poping out of a Sack
Geronte failing to marry off his daughter to one of his best friend's son (left).
Geronte being repeatedly beaten in a sack on the (right), and realizing that he has been fooled.