Hue - An Animation By Colin Leet


Hue Animation From 2009

While a lonely girl is drawing in the park, she looks up to see a stranger approaching her. The stranger presents the girl, Jade, with a brightly-colored package-upon opening it, she finds a ray of hope, which spreads color throughout her life. Realizing the magic she holds in her hands, she finds the closest person to transfer the gift to. Upon receiving the gift, that boy is also filled with color and passes it on. The gift continues its journey around the world until it makes full-circle back to Jade. She turns around and is surprised to find the stranger, Hue, whod given her the gift many years ago. With a smile on her face, she presents the gift back to him. This simple exchanging of a gift-kindness-can spread life and color throughout a world.

This video was made in part at Detroit Area Film and Television's Student Animation Workshop in 2009.