About My NumberDNA Math Training Unity App

NumberDNA Math Training Unity App

October 2019 - February 2020

What is MyNumberDNA?

NumberDNA is a online math education platform being developed by two veteran high-school and college math teachers, Ed Kulka and Dan Neaton. Collaborating with them about design, I spent around 220 hours over five months developing and coding this alternative version of their math training tool in Unity Game Engine from scratch.

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The goal of their project as described on their website:

"Number DNA is a self-paced, web-based program of 16 foundational math units that identify what math skills a person may be missing and then teaches those skills in a series of mildly "gamified", 3 to 5 minute online math workouts that provide instant feedback and next steps. Mastering all of the 16 Number DNA units prepares students to take on (and succeed in) algebra, trigonometry, and beyond." - MyNumberDNA.com

What I was trying to improved upon?

The first major change I was implementing with my Unity based version NumberDNA was to make the level creation process table-driven.

The second major change I was planning was a series of modifications to their database and backed API to allow them to set up customized sets of curriculum.

Where is the project now?

We amicably ended our collaboration when Ed and Dan decided that Unity was too complicated for them to learn. We were all grateful for the shared opportunity, and educationally we gained a great deal. Everyone involved joined this project to improve math education, not get rich, so we signed that both parties could use the Unity project as we individually saw fit going forward.

The final version version I developed is playable here. It fully supported 5 out of the 16 foundational math units Dan and Ed are planning for their curriculum.

We are now both separately working on making different tools to aid in math education world-wide.

NumberDNA Screenshot From 2020

Gameplay Screenshot from NumberDNA
This is a screenshot from an exercise level.

What I'm doing with the project now.

I still have lot I would like to do with my unity based version of NumberDNA at some point in the future. This would be in the form of a new math training app called GraphPaper.

I'm branching the project into a very different direction from what Ed and Dan were interested in developing:

Game-play-wise its player loop is going to focus on checking player's arithmetic step-by-step.

Some of the features I've planned to add include:

May 2020: This project has mostly been put on pause when I started working on a VR title I'm current working on and hope to relase more information about in early 2021.