Colin Leet's Portfolio Highlights

Video Game Development

NumberDNA Math Education App From 2020

Gameplay Screenshot from NumberDNA
NumberDNA is a online math education platform being developed by two veteran high-school and college math teachers, Ed Kulka and Dan Neaton. Collaborating with them about design, I spent around 220 hours over five months developing and coding this alternative version of their math training tool in Unity Game Engine from scratch.

College Game Developement


Corruption Defender Splash Image Atlas Sector Gameplay Image
Corruption Defender is a real-timed, single-player version of battleship.
In Atlas Sector you play as a space pirate building your ship while fighting a army of drones.


Dragon Lighter Animation From 2016

I made this animation intending for it be an advertisement for a fictional lighter company with a dragon for its logo. The flame simulation and lighter were modeled, animated and rendered within Blender. I then motion tracked the scene within After Effects wherein I constructed the rig for the 2D Dragon, and then animated it on top of the background. It's silent.

Animation Show Reel From Fall 2014

All work is original, with exceptions noted. Most of this work was made in Maya, and compostied in After Effects for my animtation classes fall semester 2013.

Sound Design

For me there is something intrinsically magical about being far removed from humanity. I imagined this space being a remote village far and away from the sprawl of civilization; with the sound I tried to imagine what tree spirits would experience -- as the village is destroyed, and then rebuilt through-out the piece. The tree spirits from Princess Mononoke were in large part my inspiration for this piece.

Created in Logic Pro